The NumFOCUS Summit is a time to bring the community together, discuss major efforts for the community, and produce a plan for the organization’s efforts over the next year.

Key Results

  • Discussions on major topics. see formats
  • Documentation of ideas and needs
  • Production of guide for building our community (after summit)

Confirmed Projects Attending

Astropy Open Journals
Bokeh pandas
Cantera Project Jupyter
conda-forge PyMC3
Econ-ARK PyTables
FEniCS Project rOpenSci
Julia Shogun
JuMP Stan
Jupyter SunPy
Matplotlib SymPy
nteract yt

Inaugural NumFOCUS Awards Dinner

As part of building a culture of recognition and mutual respect, we will be recognizing award recipients who have made substantial contributions to our projects, to our ecosystem, and to the open source scientific computing movement. These awards are meant to highlight exceptional technical, community, and organizational efforts supporting our projects.