Plan for Track Session Discussions

Please break into small groups of no more than 8 people. If you have more than 8 people, break into multiple groups that independently discuss the topic. (Make sure you have both users and project leaders in your group!)

Open the Google Doc for your discussion track from the spreadsheet here.

Once you have a group please designate a moderator, a note taker, and a reporter.

  • The moderator should make sure that everyone has a chance to speak and no one person dominates the discussion. Also please pay attention to the code of conduct.

  • The note taker should take notes in a Google doc with help from everyone in the group.

  • The reporter can be a third person, or can be the same as the moderator or note taker. The reporter will summarize the discussion during the “reflections” portion of the schedule.

Fill in the names of your group members on the doc, plus the moderator, note taker, and reporter.

Report-Backs during Reflections

  • Reporters should be prepared to summarize the main points of the group discussion during the “reflections” session at the end of the day. There is prep time set aside so that you can prepare your remarks. Note: each track will have two reporters, one for each session.